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6 rue Galilee Paris 75116

You dream to fly or drive? My wife and I plan to fly to Paris on July 2, 2013. We like to visit deaf club in Paris.




In July 1994, following the idea of two American pilots who are deaf, Kesley Jack and Clyde Smith, a thirty deaf people, including French, American licensed private pilot airplane, assembled on the airfield at Knoxville Tennessee (USA), to create the association "International Deaf Pilots Association (IDPA, International Association of Deaf Drivers), an advocacy group for deaf drivers, supported by the Association of Aircraft Pilots Owners ( AOPA, with 400,000 members worldwide) and the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA).

There are at least 150 deaf pilot private aircraft (U.S. license) including one French, one Australian, one Japanese and two Canadians and two private helicopter pilots who are deaf. At the initiative of Henri Corderoy Third, French pilot deaf thirty Europeans, all deaf and hearing impaired, came June 10, 1995 at Noisiel (77) to create the IDPA-Europe. One goal of this first association, created by deaf people in Europe for the cause aviation, is to "increase opportunities for deaf and hard of hearing, to exercise all aviation activity in Europe (microlight, glider, plane, skydiving, hang gliding, hot air balloon, aircraft) in full compliance with safety conditions. " And April 23, 1996, with the dissolution of the IDPA-Europe, the French Association of the Deaf Airmen, was formed in the presence of a dozen French members of the Aero Club of France. This association is called "Aero-Club de France for the Deaf" (ACSF). Two rallies, French (sometimes European) and international as well as other events and courses are held each year . Since 1997, CAM is a member of the Aero Club of France, which was created the Commission on Handicapped Drivers which includes the sub-committee of deaf pilots. Since April 2001, the flying club is affiliated to the FFPl.UM (French Federation ULM). Similarly, it has acquired two seater microlight Multiaxes "Sky Ranger" in October 2002 and Vega 2000 " in December 2003 to create, in May 2004, microlight flight school and train students who are deaf, a deaf instructor (formed by the end CNULM 2003) and the rent for deaf licensed pilot members. It is a world first!

The objective of the French Association of the Deaf Airmen is to make the sky more accessible to deaf and hard of hearing by means of aviation (air sports).

Join the First Deaf Association Airmen in Europe!

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