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3440 Leahi Ave Honolulu, HI Hawaii 96815

Aloha! E Komo Mai! - Welcome to HSDB!

t: (808) 733-4999

w: http://www.hcdb.k12.hi.us

e: sydney_dickerson@notes.k12.hi.us


The Hawaii School for the Deaf and Blind is a public education facility that provides services to the islands' deaf, blind, and deaf-blind students. One of the main functions of HSDB is providing an ASL immersion program that follows the tenets of a bi-cultural, bi-lingual philosophy. Both, the ways of the hearing and the Deaf are respected and cherished here, along with the use of both languages, English and ASL. The end result of the program is to produce individuals who are confident participants in both, the Deaf and hearing worlds.

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Hawaii School for the Deaf and Blind


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