ClearSounds SW200 Shake Up to Wake Up Dual Alarm Clock

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A Harris Communications exclusive, the new ClearSounds®SW200 Wake Up Shake Up Alarm Clock has dual bed shaker capability.

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The ClearSounds® SW200 Alarm Clock is a dual alarm clock with multiple alerting options to best fit your needs: bed shaker, bed shaker plus sound, flashing lights plus sound, or shaker plus flash. The tone is adjustable in volume up to 95dB as well as in pitch, which is important to those with hearing losses, as certain tones may be difficult to hear.

The dual alarm options, jacks for two bed shakers (the only clock in the industry with this feature), a plug that allows you to plug your lamp in for a flashing light alarm, large display and a sophisticated, stylish form make this clock the perfect choice. One year warranty.


Dual alarms

Large LCD display with dimmer switch

Square Wave technology: 520Hz square wave sound pattern proven to be more effective at waking people with hearing loss, children and heavy sleepers

Choice of loud tone (up to 87dB), flashing lamp and bed shaker for alarm notification

Volume, tone and pattern control for sound alarm

Built-in LED for visual alarm

Jack for lamp connection with lamp on/off control

Built-in telephone line jack for phone ring signaling

Auto time set when connected to telephone line (must subscribe to Caller ID service through telephone service provider)

3 selectable alarm patterns

Accepts 2 bed shakers (1 included). Each bed shaker operates independently.

Large, easy-to-operate keys

Snooze for 5 minutes, up to 1 hour after the alarm time

Dimensions: 7.5" x 4.25" x 2.25"

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ClearSounds SW200 Shake Up to Wake Up Dual Alarm Clock

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