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Signs2Go: BSL (British Sign Language) as a foreign language, for sign language users!

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Signs2Go was a European project, with partners in the UK, the Netherlands, Norway, Germany and Italy. Together, we made a website where sign language users in our countries can learn BSL as a foreign sign language. No reading or writing, all info in sign language!
We developed the Signs2Go methods and platform from scratch - using the strengths and interests of the target group to guide us.
You watch real BSL as it is used today in the UK. Teachers explain what you see, either in your national sign language or in 'easy' BSL. You learn as you watch - then you go to the exercises to check your progress. Included are webcam exercises to compare your own signing to a BSL model. Also included: exercises to practice two-handed fingerspelling and the BSL number system.
The website was developed with EU funding. No registration required - use it when and where you want!

The Signs2Go team is looking for partners who want to use the Signs2Go platform to add additional sign languages, and/or to further exploit the platform for sign bilingual e-learning. If you are interested: contact us!


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