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Since 2002, HOT is a Deaf-owned tour operator company that provides unique and quality travel experiences for travelers who use sign language to many countries in the world.

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Hands On Travel is a service dedicated to providing travelers with the best that this world has to offer. We are opposed to the idea of mass tourism, which means bunching up a group of people in a big tour bus and wheeling them around to all the major sights with obligatory stops at mediocre restaurants and tourist-trap souvenir shops. We believe that travel shouldn't be like this. Instead, we provide an experience which allows travelers to get "hands on", delighting every one of their senses in fascinating and interactive programs that give them deeper appreciations of the place they are visiting.

In addition, the hands refer to our mode of communication. Every segment of this service is accessible in sign language so that there will not be any "Could you speak more slowly?" sentences uttered. Everybody's hands will be free to say what they wish.

This service is entirely run by deaf people who love travel and aim to make your trip as fun, pleasant, and accessible as possible.

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Send e-mail to info@handsontvl.com and HOT will reply as soon as possible.

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