Deaf Magic - Eddy Brisky Show

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Milano 20099

I'm a Mime Magic, working on the show for a very long time and worked on TV and in the theatrical world. I am deaf since birth and theater company founder "Without a Word."

t: +393487433495




Eddy Brisky "Biography"

Edoardo Brioschi but I'm in art are Eddy Brisky. Many call me a clown for the way in which I introduce myself and make-up I wear during my performance. One thing I want to point out, not a clown! And I repeat, DO NOT BE A CLOWN! I like to call MIMO MAGIC. This is because it is a title that comes closest to my personality. In fact, the idea of ​​Mime Magic was born because I wanted to combine the art of mime to that of the magician. So we can say that I do not do the mime magic but are MIMO MAGIC. They always are! Because art with me since childhood. My mother called me an actor when I climbed on a table, taking advantage of a stool to make an exhibition in the family. It permeates every layer of my quirky personality. Going back to my childhood (I was born in Monza near Milan on November 25, 1957), indeed, exactly three years my artistic spirit led me to perform on a stage in front of so many children and teens to consider how that must have had a great laugh. Since then she has never abandoned art. I exercised my talents expressed in a variety of ways, both as a self-taught, using even the booths for passport-size photographs to define the various expressions, attending courses that mimic, more precisely, a course directed by Marise Flach at the Civic School of Drama Piccolo Teatro di Milano and schools, such as the CMI Magic Club Italy, where I was trained as a mime is like that magician.

In my career I have performed thousands of shows in Italy and abroad. It 'obvious that here I can not list every place or occasion on which I performed, you will find every detail on the website dedicated to me; I can say is that I have given performances in "....... .. " Italian cities. In Europe, I have conducted numerous tours in Switzerland, France, Germany, Spain, Czechoslovakia, Belgium and Finland. In addition, I also performed in mainland Thailand. I also gave performances on cruise ships. Of all these occasions I have tried a few as well as Mime Magic as a stage actor, set designer, presenter, as an organizer, leader, author and director.

I worked for the private television channels and on national TV. Su Rai Uno I participated in 24 episodes of the show in prime time "Fantastico", edition of 1987, which was awarded the best of the year by winning the Telegatto. Rai Tre have been hired for the show on the air every day in the early afternoon of 80 episodes titled "Jeans". In addition, I was interviewed on several programs with the participation of famous people sometimes like Marlee Matlin.

I participated in the founding of the troupe of mime "Without Words" became famous internationally. As the only designer I founded the "Games without Barriers" held in Sicily. Then that idea has found appreciation of the national deaf in the area which has subsequently supported the continuation in several editions.

I have not only engaged in roles related to the world of entertainment and art, but I specialized as a teacher of Italian sign language and to that end I have taken several courses whose goal was to help visitors to get the language basics and cultural factors that distinguish the world of the deaf.

Currently you have made me look arrogant in the art that I was so far unknown what the writer. In fact I'm writing an autobiographical book that I believe can help to break down barriers that help keep away the two cultures and two worlds: that of the deaf and hard of hearing. In truth I believe everything I've done in my career and in any role I may be busy, deep in my ego, I've always wanted to use my artistic skills as a form of communication to enable the union or bond between two heads to form a beautiful bow, which allows these two cultures and not force himself to choke, but to unite and understand each other.
This desire helps to keep me alive in the art that as a volcano is and will continue, hopefully for a long time to create emotions that help me and you to make this feasible, and this bow tie beautiful and attractive.

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Deaf Magic - Eddy Brisky Show


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