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Deaf International Basketball Federation (DIBF)

DIBF is a world governing body for international deaf basketball, providing international clinics and development camps for the deaf, and by conducting championships, and managing international deaf referees. Deaf Basketball, a great game to play.

Head Office, Spångavägen 108, Bromma, Stockholm Stockholm, Sweden S - 168 58

t: view phone+46 708 874 150 (SMS)

f: view fax+46 8 37 85 10

w: http://www.dibf.org

e: info@dibf.org

Deaf Magic - Eddy Brisky Show

I'm a Mime Magic, working on the show for a very long time and worked on TV and in the theatrical world. I am deaf since birth and theater company founder "Without a Word."


DreamZon Ltd. is a company devoted to developing, manufacturing, and
marketing innovative products for the deaf and hard of hearing.
Our motto is "Simple – Design – Works". We believe in combining technological
innovation with simplicity.

4 Asher Barash St. Hertzelia, Israel 46366

t: view phone+972 (0) 9 955-2205

f: view fax+972 (0) 9 955-2235

w: http://www.dreamzon.com

e: info@dreamzon.com

Data Analytics Consulting - TorQEYE

in Business Services, Organisations, Public Services

TorQEYE Analytics – Big Data Analytics Solutions Asia, focuses the business Pain points, determine exactly what is effective in addition to how this is effective, an individual experience rich outcomes while using the small business you hold.

Deaf Basketball UK (DBUK)

in Sports, Organisations

Deaf Basketball UK (DBUK) is a self-governing body for deaf basketball in the United Kingdom. DBUK is affilated to UK Deaf Sports (UKDS) & Deaf International Basketball Federation (DIBF). DBUK manages the national teams, development camps, clubs etc.


Deaf Missions

in Organisations

Effectively communicating the Gospel of Jesus Christ with deaf people.

21199 Greenview Road 51503

t: view phone7125878887

f: view fax7123227792

w: http://deafmissions.com

e: mark@deafmissions.com

Deaf Youth organisation of the Kaunas

in Organisations

Kaunas deaf youth organization founded in March 2007. It is taken teenagers and young adults from 14 to 29 years.
Completely deaf youngsters to take care of integration into society.
To represent the deaf, particularly young people's interests


in Organisations, Community

Deaf4Life - Bringing the Deaf Community Together. Deaf4Life is the place to go to talk on the discussion board - anything related to Deaf health, education, subtitles - anything that are related, we are the one you're looking for.

Found 8 records