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Jewelry and Gems

Jewelry and Gems is a blog that discusses different types and styles of jewelry including necklaces, pendants, rings, earrings, brooches, lockets, bangles, bracelets, pearl, gemstone, crystal, coral, and shell jewelry, etc.

1987 VerMaas Place Lincoln, Nebraska 68501

w: http://jewelryandgems.net

e: millsje985@gmail.com

John Lipe

I am John Lipe and I offer comprehensive branding, SEO, creatives, digital marketing, and graphic design services to brands in Seattle.

717 Dexter Ave N Seattle, Washington 98109

t: view phone757-870-0897

w: johnlipe.com

e: john@johnlipe.com


J Mark Consultants

in Business Services

The team works closely with the child welfare staff, children, youth and families, communities and leaders to identify the issues, challenges and approaches that will promote the most appropriate outcomes.

406 Hinton Ave S Ottawa, Ontario K1Y 1B1

t: view phone867-877-1582

w: http://www.jmarkconsultants.co

e: info@jmarkconsultants.com

Found 3 records